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Oregon Medical Marijuana Facts

OMMP – Marijuana Facts and Statistics


Oregon’s medical marijuana law was established in 1998 when 54.6% of Oregonians voted to pass Ballot Measure 67. Since then, Oregon’s latest official medical marijuana facts show that the program has issued an Oregon medical marijuana card to 55,322 patients, or roughly 1.5% of the state’s population. Because Oregon’s medical marijuana program does not authorize dispensaries, patients have to grow their own marijuana authorize designated caregivers or growers to help them.

OMMP – Oregon Medical Marijuana Facts 2011

  • More than half of Oregon marijuana patients have designated caregivers who hold marijuana cards for them. There are 28,411 such caregivers according to the cannabis statistics of the Oregon Department of Human Services.
  • There are 1,993 Oregon-licensed doctors with current medical marijuana patients, and more than twice as many, 4110, have signed marijuana recommendations over the program’s lifetime.
  • Continued growth is expected in Oregon’s use of medical marijuana, facts indicate that there were 21,722 new applications for marijuana cards in the past year alone (October 2010 – October 2011)
  • In the same period of time, there were 30,416 applications for renewal and just 2,362 denials.
  • Oregon’s medical marijuana statistics also show the program’s efficiency, as only 2,915 applications were pending as of October 2011.
  • Patients in Oregon have sought treatment for all of the conditions authorized in the state’s medical marijuana law.  50,696 patients, or 90% of the total, report using medical marijuana for severe pain. Muscle spasms are the second most reported illness at 13,949 patients, while Nausea comes in third with 7,532 patients. The marijuana data overlaps here because many individuals suffer from multiple conditions.