New Jersey Medical Marijuana

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card


Under the New Jersey Medical Marijuana law, patients will be issued medical marijuana ID cards (aka cannabis cards) through the New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Program (NJMMP). The program was put on hold in April, but as of July 2011 Gov. Christie advised the program to move forward. Patients may not be able to purchase medical marijuana until the end of the year but in the meantime, the NJMMP has provided the following directions on applying for the NJ medical marijuana program:

Steps for Registering a Patient for the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services Medicinal Marijuana Program

  1. The patient’s bona fide physician initiates the patient’s application via on-line registration at
  2. In order to register a patient, physicians need to first register with the Medicinal Marijuana Program.
  3. In addition to their name and date of birth, physicians will need to enter their medical and CDS license numbers issued by the Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA) to complete their registration. Once physicians  submit their registration, their applications will be verified and approved by MMP staff. Registration cannot be completed without both medical and CDS license numbers which will be verified by DCA.
  4. Once approved, physicians can log in to their accounts and initiate patient      applications. For each patient, the physician will need to provide the patient’s name, address, date of birth and debilitating medical condition. On submitting this information, a secure Patient ID is created.
  5. The physician can print out the patient ID page and provide it to the patient to complete his/her application. Patients can either register on-line by clicking on “Patient Registration” (and entering the patient ID) at or completing their application and sending it by mail to the MMP.
    Please note that patient registration will begin later this year.

Note:  Physicians can update the patient statements themselves or create an account for their staff.