Premiere: Canna Cribs goes inside the marijuana industry’s leading grow ops

What does it take to be on the vanguard of the blossoming cannabis industry?

The creators of Canna Cribs by Growers Network says they are on a mission to show the world the future of legal cannabis as the industry “moves from the shadows and into the light.”

The Cannabist has partnered with the private social network for cannabis professionals, to broadcast the entire first season.

The premiere episode of Canna Cribs takes viewers to the cutting edge California cultivation happening at Elite Garden‘s Glass House, a 350,000-square-foot greenhouse and processing facility kitted out with the top tech in the industry.

In this episode, learn how the facility grows up to 10,000 plants at a time — while curing, trimming and packaging more than 1,200 pounds of flower per month.

Stay tuned to The Cannabist for exclusive behind-the-scenes extras and a preview of the next episode of Canna Cribs.

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