Oregon: OLCC Orders Lab Testing on All Marijuana for Pesticides

On Wednesday, the Oregon Health Authority began mandating “every batch” of marijuana, as well as its related products, be tested for harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Published by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) in early August, their Recreational Marijuana Program Compliance Education Bulletin, explained:

“Starting August 30, 2017, every batch of usable marijuana must be tested directly for pesticides according to the Oregon Health Authority’s testing rules in order to be compliant.”

Oregon Mandates Pesticides Test for Cannabis

Oregon Marijuana Testing Requirements

Oregon Marijuana Testing Requirements

First notified on August 11, the initial compliance bulletin issued by the OLCC rolled out the following changes that are now mandated by the Oregon Health Authority:

Producers or growers transferring marijuana to retailers:

  • Must have their products tested for pesticides, moisture content/water activity and potency.

Producers or growers transferring marijuana to processors for the making of extracts or concentrates:

  • Must have their products tested for moisture content/water activity unless the processor is processing in a way the uses effective sterilization.

What to do if your marijuana product fails?

Per guidance provided on Oregon.gov, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) notes, “failed test results must be reported to the overseeing state agency by the testing laboratory within 24 hours of completion of the laboratory’s data review.”

Oregon Failed Marijuana Test Guidance

Oregon Failed Marijuana Test Guidance

Retesting your marijuana

Cultivators or processor whose product failed their initial test are obligated to notify the OMMP of their intention to pursue “a retest” of their product(s).

  • A fail on a retest means the item must be held for destruction.
  • A pass on a retest means the item may be transferred.

Applicable to products sampled prior to August 30, the OMMP states that no “failed” marijuana will be destroyed without first gaining permission from the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.


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