New York State Senate Passes PTSD Bill

On Tuesday, the New York State Senate passed legislation that adds Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to the state’s list of qualifying conditions for their medical marijuana program.

Passed by the Republican-controlled state Senate by a decisive 50-13 vote, New York State Sen. Jeffrey D. Klein noted on the state’s website, “This bill will bring relief to many New Yorkers suffering from PTSD.”

Now headed to Gov. Cuomo’s desk for his signature, the bill’s ultimate outcome is still questionable. Sponsored by Sen. Diane Savino (D- Staten Island), the Sen. thanked her fellow policymakers for passing Senate Bill S5629 on a bipartisan basis.

Provided Gov. Cuomo puts pen to paper and signs this valuable bill into law, vets and “victims of violent crime” could soon find they have a new option for treating their debilitating condition, according to the state website.

“Police and firefighters and others can all potentially benefit from PTSD being added to the list of medical conditions eligible for the state’s medical cannabis program. This will help to ensure that more of those suffering are eligible to become certified medical cannabis patients, and will allow each doctor to treat their case in as they see fit.”

Estimated to benefit approximately 19,000 New York State residents currently suffering from PTSD, the Assembly version of the bill easily passed in the Democrat-controlled body in early 2017.

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Now up to Gov. Cuomo to either sign or veto the PTSD bill, Dan McSweeney, a veteran’s advocate and founder of the We Are Listening Campaign explained the significance of the legislation, “This is a sensible step forward for New Yorkers who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress. Veterans in this population could now discuss this option with caregivers attuned to their needs. Medical marijuana and other emerging treatments continue to provide options for ensuring that those who have sacrificed for our country are offered the best options.”


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