Medical Marijuana Evaluation Clinics

Based upon years of experience, Physician Certification Specialists is the Premier Medical Marijuana Certification Clinic Group, serving medical marijuana patients in Arizona and Michigan with multi-clinic offices in each state. We have developed a proven business model we have become the top Marijuana Clinic operators in the United States.

Physician Certification Specialists provides unparalleled support and access to the best practices and people within the rapidly evolving medical cannabis industry. We are committed to providing an advanced level of professionalism and integrity, selecting its clients carefully and working only with those who wish to operate  medical cannabis clinics according to superior professional standards, while providing true compassion to the patients for whom they serve.

Why Physician Certification Specialists

Physician Certification Specialists offers prospective Marijuana Clinic operators the most comprehensive turnkey solution available. As part of this solution, Physician Certification Specialists clients are granted access to the most thorough set of operating policies and procedures in the medical marijuana evaluation trade, developed according to principles followed by some of the most successful corporate retail chains in the country and catered to the medical cannabis industry specifically. Physician Certification Specialists is vested  heavily in its materials and support capabilities to ensure their clients are operating at the highest levels attainable.

All of Physician Certification Specialists clients are put through a rigorous training program, ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently from day one, thus giving Physician Certification Specialists clients a distinct edge over other  operators in arising markets.


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