In tight vote, Longmont, Colorado lifts town’s pot-shops ban

In a split 4-3 vote, Longmont’s City Council members voted Tuesday night to give final approval to an ordinance that will eventually allow up to four retail businesses to sell marijuana and marijuana products within the city limits.

The council majority’s approval of the measure lifting Longmont’s years-old prohibitions against medical-marijuana dispensaries and shops selling marijuana for recreational use came over the objections of several people who spoke at a Tuesday night public hearing on the ordinance.

“I can’t imagine it boosts the city’s image,” said Tuscany Court resident Lon Stevens.

Stevens asked why the city would want to end the prohibition when medical-marijuana patients and recreational-marijuana users can buy it at either of two existing state- and county-licensed businesses located in unincorporated Boulder County immediately outside the city limits.

Allowing marijuana to be sold inside Longmont wouldn’t make it any more convenient for customers to buy it than is already the case, Stevens argued.

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