Exclusive: Snoop Dogg bankrolls marijuana crop in stoner comedy “Grow House”

Back on 4/20, rapper, producer and ganjapreneur Snoop Dogg screened his new flick “Grow House” at several SoCal movie theaters. Now, the film written and directed by DJ Pooh (co-writer of “Friday“) and staring DeRay Davis, Lil Duval and His Highness is about to drop.

In this exclusive “Grow House” clip shared with The Cannabist Network, Pat (Davis) and Darious (Duval) hit up Snoop for the skrilla they need to get their marijuana biz up and running. But in a preview of the folly that will follow their operation, the duo has no idea how to negotiate with The Doggfather.

“Grow House” staring Snoop Dogg arrives on Digital HD and DVD on September 26th.

GrowHouse_DVD_SnoopDoggGrow House staring DeRay Divas, Lil Duval and Snoop Dogg House arrives on Digital HD and DVD on September 26th.

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