Dabs, Wax, and Concentrates: 7/10 is National Hash Day

What are concentrates? In essence, “concentrates” are a modern-day version of hashish. Tastier, cleaner, and definitely more expensive than traditional hash, contemporary concentrates like BHO, Shatter, Live Resin, and ROSIN are terms that describe how the active compounds were extracted from the cannabis plant.  As such, today’s “concentrates” are easily purchased at your local dispensary in several different forms. Similar to making traditional hashish, the modern 420-alchemist utilize specific techniques and tools to extract the cannabis plant’s active compounds – binding them together to make what is collectively known as Dabs.

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What Does 710 Mean?

Generally speaking, Mondays blow for most. That is of course unless Monday happens to fall on 7/10. A national holiday for hash fans everywhere, the 710 and 420 community celebrate the day of dabs on July 10th for one simple reason: When “710” is inverted it spells out “OIL.”  As such, “7/10” is now known in certain sectors of the cannabis community as “The Day of Dabs.”

Dab or Dabbing?

Dabbling in semantics. Utilized as both the noun and a verb, the act of “Dabbing” refers to an individual vaporizing marijuana concentrates, while a “Dab” represents a single hit of concentrates.

Dabbing Methodology

While there are countless ways to get high on weed, there are, generally speaking, only three techniques utilized in vaping dabs. That said, there are several variations in how the equipment works. Using an oil rig – which is essentially a modified bong equipped for dabbing – consumers have a choice of equipping their rig with either a quartz bucket, a ceramic nail, or a titanium nail.

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The “Nail” sits on top of the oil rig and is heated with a hand-held torch. Once the nail reaches the preferred temperature, a small Dab of concentrates is placed on the nail. Dissolving on the nail, the end-user inhales the vaporized compounds. The active cannabinoids and terpenes fill the glass rig and are inhaled by the Dabber. For those adverse to open flames, the second technique uses an Electronic Nail (a.k.a. an E-Nail) that automatically heats to a preset temperature. Last but not least, the third and final approach utilizes portable vaporizers, also known as vape pens. Handheld and easy-to-use, the concentrates/Dabs are placed in an electronically heated ceramic bucket within the vape pen, and a battery powered heating unit vaporizes the Dab discreetly.

A Brief History of Vaping

With the advent of the “hot knives” vape technique, modern vaporizing began nearly 40 years ago. Prehistoric by today’s standards, the practice held true until sometime in 2006. That’s when Hashmasta Kut (HMK) and GGirl unleashed their first oil rig on the 710-world. Specifically created for dabbing today’s terpene-rich concentrates, the first oil rig purportedly showed up at head shops soon thereafter.

the evolution of dabbing

710 Events

Over the past several years, dab festivals have been igniting the interest of concentrate enthusiasts in both recreational and medical states. And, always on the lookout for new customers, many shops/dispensaries offer smoking hot BOGO Dab deals on the High Holiday of 710.

Events: New to the Las Vegas Valley, on 7/10/2017 the Errl Cup will secret shop several Las Vegas dispensaries searching for the Sin City’s best concentrates. In Breckenridge, Colorado over the 7/10 weekend, the X-tract Games will host a marijuana concentrate competition. Beginning “Shatterday” July 8 at 4:20 p.m., the event will feature an extract artist showdown featuring the best Shatter, Sugar, Budder, and Terps.

So, you’re dazed and confused over how to celebrate this momentous day? Well, don’t be. First off, make sure there’s a designated driver to get you home safely. Secondly, if you’ve never dabbled with dabs before – exercise caution. This stuff is potent medicine and I’ve personally witnessed it knock strong folks out. With that caveat given, celebrate responsibly and Dab on!

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