City of Goettingen Flooded With Hemp Plants by Activists

In Goettingen, a small university town in northern Germany, hemp grows all over the city — between other flowers, on urban green spaces, at the main station, and even in front of police stations. The activists from “Some Autonomous Flower Children” have taken responsibility for the action and declared that the sowing-campaign is intended to draw attention to the meaninglessness of the cannabis ban in Germany.

hemp plants in germany

Since 2013, the anonymous group has been embellishing all of Goettingen with hemp seeds that are available in every German organic store as a food supplement, but they are strictly forbidden to be sowed. Now, for the fifth consecutive year, the police have been plucking the plants from buckets and garden beds throughout the town.

hemp sidewalk germany

Considered hard labor by the officers doing the work, their gardening duties are a great pleasure to the “Autonomous Flower Children.”

The plants originate “largely” from hemp seeds, the group emphasizes. But in the face of zealous officials, even if a random THC-rich marijuana seed were to be inadvertently planted, the plant would be discovered and destroyed before developing substantial active psychoactive cannabinoids.

hemp dark germany

In contrast to the police, the youth organization of the Greens, the Green Youth Goettingen, is officially supporting the campaign. The young politicians are challenging local residents and accidental explorers of the green splendor to tweet photographs of the plants and share them with the Green Youth.

Photos courtesy of the Green Youth Göttingen


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