CBD Research: DEA Loosens Restrictions for Studying Beneficial Cannabinoid

Whether for greed or science, the DEA has reduced restrictions on  researching the CBD cannabinoid.

Last week rumor, innuendo, and hope filled the air. As the charitable season of Christmas took hold, there was a glimmer of hope that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) could be on the precipice of a historic decision, downgrading the Schedule I status of our favorite medicinal herb.

While that didn’t happen…this did: The United States Drug Enforcement Administration moved to ease the odious constraints surrounding one of the plant’s more beneficial non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Ultimately helping to reduce the research requirements for those who are piloting FDA-sanctioned trials on the CBD cannabinoid – a.k.a cannabidiol.

This long-overdue adjustment will simplify and fast track the overall research process required by the FDA regarding CBD’s potential medical value. As a means of broadcasting this wonderful information to the affected scientific world, the DEA fired off a letter notifying the scientific community of these potent changes.

Effective immediately:

CBD Research: DEA Loosens Restrictions for Studying Beneficial Cannabinoid

CBD Research: DEA Loosens Restrictions for Studying Beneficial Cannabinoid

The DEA notes that under these new changes, “a previously registered CBD clinical researcher who is granted a waiver can readily modify their protocol and continue their research seamlessly. This waiver effectively removes a step from the approval process.”

While this smells like great news at first whiff for the cannabis community, more than a few advocates of real medical marijuana are concerned this move is little more than a slap on the back by the good ol’ boys in the federal government, signaling the moneygrubbing greed mongers of Big Pharma that it’s time to cash in on synthetic CDB.


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