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Based upon years of experience, Physician Certification Specialists is the Premier Medical Marijuana Certification Clinic Group, serving medical marijuana patients in Arizona and Michigan with multi-clinic offices in each state. We have developed a proven business model we have become the top Marijuana Clinic operators in the United States.

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Our Mission

The two industries that continue to outperform even under the current economic times are IT & Healthcare services.

Our Mission is to provide you a comprehensive model for recommending Medical Marijuana Certifications. Our business support staff  will educate you in all aspects of this growing industry, providing you a fully operational and profitable enterprise.

Physician Cert. Specialists LLC.
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Evaluating Patients

for Dispensaries

In all states that have enacted a Medical Marijuana Program, it will either be with a State Permitted or Non-State Permitted Dispensary Program.  The first program that goes into effect will be Doctors Certifying Patients.

Our proven business model will assure a built in patient base for many prospective dispensary owners.


& Patients

All states with a Medical Marijuana Program will allow patients to designate a caregiver to grow up to 12 cannabis plants. Each caregiver can grow medicine for up to 5 patients. (each states laws may differ)

Caregivers are allowed to be paid for the medicine as a non-profit to recoup their costs of time, nutrients, electricity, equipment, water and anything associated with the grow.

We Help You Educate

your patients

Patient Education is Paramount.

Most medical marijuana patients will not know or understand the medical marijuana laws in your  state. We will supply you with all the information needed for patient education. ( handouts, guidance ect.)  This information will assure patient retention and referrals and keep them coming back to you each year.

Our Turnkey Marijuana Clinic Solutions Include:

Medical Marijuana Certification Clinics

  • How to Open an Evaluation Clinic
  • Market Analysis
  • Patient Demographics
  • Risks & Rewards
  • How to be Successful


  • HIPPA Compliance
  • Doctor / Owner Relationship
  • Financial Requirements
  • Legal Requirements
  • State Marijuana Laws

Education & Training

  • Patient Education / Staff Training
  • Doctor Education / Training
  • The Certification Process
  • Patient Handouts & Resources
  • Daily Business Procedures

Build-out & Equipment

  • Location Specifications
  • Lease Negotiation / Guidelines
  • Build-out / Design Guidelines
  • ADA Compliance
  • Office Equipment / Telephony
  • Signage
  • Multiple Office Packages

Web Presence / Advertising / Forms

  • Website Included
  • Electronic Forms
  • Advertising Guidelines
  • Handouts / Promotions
  • Daily Procedures
  • Record Keeping
  • Banking & Accounting Methods and more…email: info@CertificationClinics.com