A Colorado weed business may lose its permit over odor issues

After numerous odor complaints spanning more than a year, one of Carbondale’s marijuana businesses has its permit up for revocation.

Carbondale town staff is recommending that The Laughing Dog Group’s special use permit be revoked, and the Town Council will hold a revocation hearing Tuesday evening.

This will be the first marijuana business in Carbondale to be summoned before trustees for a revocation hearing. The town reports that it has contacted the owner numerous times over odor issues since it’s been in operation.

The Laughing Dog Group holds a special use permit for a “marijuana infused products” facility (also known as a MIP facility), and operates at 500 Buggy Circle in the Village Business Center, which is situated near a residential area on the north side of town. Laughing Dog is one of three MIP facilities in town.

Town Manager Jay Harrington has commented in recent weeks that town staff expected the MIP facilities to be a relatively easily managed type of marijuana business. However, the MIPs have become one of the town’s biggest challenges in the marijuana industry due to their odor, Harrington has said.

This story was first published on PostIndependent.com

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